Tuesday, September 11, 2012

About HelpingTown

HelpingTown is a conduit between individuals inspired to selfless service and those in their communities that are in need of assistance. We will provide an internet-based forum that empowers people to ask for help, and enables grass-roots volunteerism to reach it.
Our Vision is to connect together individuals, families, small businesses, corporations - people and institutions at all scales - directly together, in the spirit of compassionate service. Maybe a senior citizen needs someone to run some errands for her; a group of people are looking to carpool to save on fuel costs; a social worker needs help in conducting a huge fundraising event; a young mother needs volunteers to spend time with a special needs child; a company wants to work together with community residents to clean a local park. HelpingTown will provide the infrastructure to seamlessly facilitate these projects.
Our Inspiration comes from a 4 year old boy named Rohan. At the age of two, Rohan was diagnosed with Autism/Apraxia. As part of his rehabilitation, his family requires 15 volunteers to help with play-therapy, an ongoing rehabilitation program for Rohan that continues to this day, needing at least a 3 month commitment from each volunteer. Not knowing where to search, we sought out volunteers for Rohan from non-profits, schools, and libraries. We found the logistics and execution of a plan to find help to be extraordinarily challenging, especially so because we were not part of any official registered organization. Many posted flyers, meetings, and phone calls later, we were finally able to find a few volunteers.
This experience made us realize that, while the spirit of volunteerism is abundant in the human soul, a medium is needed to spark it to action and channel it to where it is most needed. Most all of us, at one point or another in our lives, need the help of our neighbors and friends. But how should we go about asking for it? The fact is, an easy way to find help for individuals or families is missing; likewise, an easy way to offer help to individuals or families in our community is missing. Those who are motivated to help, often don't know how to reach those looking for that help; indeed, potential, eager volunteers may not even be aware that their own neighbors are in need of some assistance.
Thus "HelpingTown" has been born, as a vision to enable grassroots volunteerism in every community, as a conviction that our collective spirit of giving is boundless, and as an ultimate dream to strengthen the bonds of love that tie us all together into one human brotherhood.

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